Cyberbullying and Doxing are NEVER OK.

Please read this entry about the Waters parents doxxing and cyber bullying other people, some of whom are disabled themselves.


Source: Cyberbullying and Doxing are NEVER OK.


“Thinking about painting” vs. Suicidal

In the screenshot below from 2014, this photo was posted with a caption saying that she was "thinking about her next painting". Then, when negative reviews exposing the scam about their published art book on Amazon started coming up, this SAME PHOTO was posted with the caption describing her as being sad, due negative reviews and comments, and alluding to possibly even being suicidal.

The mother was making posts about their perceived "cyber bullies" and her thoughts about a "smear campaign" and "agenda of hate" by anyone who questions the authenticity of the art. At this point, many of the descriptions of the girl's art changed from being solely created by her, "down to every stroke of paint and piece of glitter" before, to suddenly being "collaborations" or the parents being the child's "humble helpers". Following that, many of the descriptions were changed to say that the girl only painted "on" the paintings (What does that mean? One stroke? A dot? What percentage of their Zazzle art is the child's at all in any capacity?)

Anyone can go to the comments in the parents' Facebook page and view the editing history to see the evolution of these ridiculous claims in the past couple of years.

Below is the public screenshot of the child back when it was used to portray her as being contemplative in 2014.

Now look at the screenshot below, shortly after negative reviews questioning the art and motives of the parents were posted overwhelmingly about the Amazon book, published in the winter of 2016

At the time of the posting of the "sad" photo of the girl, the photo was already at least 2-3 years old and could not possibly have been related to anything about the book on Amazon, which was released in the winter of 2016.

Again, lies from the family and an attempt to garner sympathy in any way they can.

Also, it should be noted that although the parents dislike their photos being shared online that are associated with critiques of their business (*allowable under the laws of Fair Use in copyright), they themselves have posted all of their photos with the captions "please share" and "tell your friends".

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The content and critiques in this blog are legal under the copyright laws pertaining to fair use and any screenshots or photos used are public content.

Why are you talking to yourself on Facebook?

The Waters parents created and run a "retaliatory" page on Facebook, where they claim they are the victims of cyber bullying. The page is called Cyberbullying the Disabled Wall of Shame. On this page, they have illegally doxxed and attempted to harass and intimidate people, even people who are disabled or chronically ill themselves, who they (mistakenly) perceive are "attacking their family" or "harassing their daughter".

They continue to make unwanted and unwelcome contact with 2 people in particular, Ms. Tina Pohlman and Ms. Alice Carey by tagging them in photos and posts that depict them as mocking or disparaging the child. The Waters not only slander Pohlman's and Carey's names and affiliations with their charitable organizations, but also go to those women's business pages on Facebook to spam and privately message each one of the business supporters, in an effort to sabotage the reputation and ruin the businesses. This is unethical and also illegal. People have told the Waters to stop contacting them, but they refuse to comply.

As is their usual practice, the Waters comment to themselves and "like", "love", or "LoL" their own comments in an effort to convince people that the comments are coming from separate entities.

There’s no “hate campaign”

No, let US be super clear. No one is bullying that teen.  We all feel compassion for her.  And yes, it IS about the videos and art.

The only focus of all of the questions so far has centered on finding the truth about WHO is painting the art. Where are the videos showing her making the representational art sold on 1000+ items online, and why are the parents spamming literally thousands of illness support groups daily on Facebook, pretending to have cancer, brain injuries, bone cancer, kidney disease, neurological disorders, lupus, Lyme disease, blood clotting diseases?  You name it, they spam it.

No one asking these questions hates that young lady.  No one is attacking her.  She is innocent in all of this. There is no "smear campaign".  No one is bullying that teen.  NO ONE concerned is contacting that family through phone, email, snail mail, or anything else.

What there is, however, is a mother with a weird persecution complex who is stalking, lying, calling, distorting, sabotaging, paying to obtain unlisted home address and phone numbers, and threatening people with "legal action" who aren't convinced of who is creating the designs for the art.  If you ask a question the parents don't like that might shed light on the scam, or is anything other than praise, you're automatically labeled a bully. (E.g., "Stop harassing our disabled daughter, trolls!")  The Waters have even lied and claimed that people are calling Candy "retarded" to garner pity and support, although so far, no one has used the R-word, and no screenshots have ever proven that claim, when the Waters were challenged to back up such a claim.  (You know, you can't just make things up out of thin air.  Oh wait, they ARE doing just that, and they have been for a decade with the fraudulent art business.)

The concerns are for the welfare of the child and also to bring awareness to the public on what is obviously a decade-old scam business.

Additionally, it should be noted that the 2 people named in the screenshot below, Ms. Pohlman and Ms. Carey, both have disabilities.  At least one of them also has serious and debilitating chronic health issues.  And yet, Ms. Waters actually called Ms. Carey (who has Autism herself) "100% moron", followed by "LOL" in a comment to Ms. Carey online. The Waters sign off every post with "faith, hope, and love"…but they aren't above fat-shaming, name-calling, and making fun of people with disabilities themselves.

The Waters were invited to appear on the Dr. Phil show to clear the air and defend their position and their child's art.  2 days before the taping, the Waters' attorney backed out, followed immediately by the Waters backing out.  The Dr. Phil show would still like to have them as guests.

Still, NO ONE HAS WITNESSED, in TEN YEARS, that this girl has painted the bird/rainbow/sun art they are marketing.  Not even once.  Many excuses over the years have followed, but never any actual objective 3rd party witnesses or video.  (*Please note: Candy has been filmed painting, but she only paints smears, dots, and blobs that are clearly not from the same hands that paint the birds, "feather strokes",  and suns.)  Now there's even Facebook live.  But we doubt the Waters will utilize that handy feature to lay all concerns to rest.


5150, the Amazon profile formerly known as Enrique

Yet another profile created by the parent used to attack truthseekers and give false praise to their own products sold on Amazon is the profile, “5150”.  The name on this profile has changed multiple times.  Before being 5150, it was “Enrique”. But it is obviously Ms. Waters, as anyone can see from the content of the comments.

Screenshot below.  This is a comment that appeared in a review for the book the Waters were selling on Amazon.  The book has many negative comments.  The majority of the comments are negative, but it should be pointed out that NONE of the comments are attacking or bullying the child.  Rather, they are overwhelmingly concerned about the authenticity of the art and worried that this non-verbal, autistic child is being exploited by the parents.

Also, the quality and content of the book itself appears to be rather low quality and poorly assembled.  Most of the $45.00 book’s content seems to be more blatant self-promotion (i.e., “Look at all of the celebrities that we got autographs from, and please go to our websites and buy stuff”).  The images in the book are predominantly cellphone photos of art which is already available to see on the internet for free on their Facebook page.


Here is a link to the comments on Amazon.

Anyone can read the comments for themselves:  The product reviews of the Amazon book

*Please note that if you hover over the link to the Amazon page, the URL begins with ‘HTTPS‘, indicating that it is a secure internet link and cannot be a virus.

There is a new video channel on YouTube related to the Candy Waters Autism Artist scam’

Some of the concerned citizens and skeptics of the ‘Candy Waters Autism Artist’ business have created a YouTube channel for documenting their concerns. Here is the link:

Autism Artists

“This page raises awareness of the Water’s Autism Art Scam.
Sharing facts of how Faith, Love and Hope translated to Fraud, Larceny and Harassment.
These videos are from multiple victims and all based on facts.”

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Facebook page: Boycott Products by ‘Candy Waters Autism Artist’


A new page was created on Facebook, made by victims of the ‘Candy Waters Autism Artist’ scam and other people who question the authenticity and ethics of the products.  Here is the link:

Boycott “Unspoken Gift” Candy Waters Autism Artist Book

It contains many photos, videos, and screenshots that document evidence of the Waters’ lies and deceptive business practices.

Please note that the blog authors of this Beware of Art Scams blog are not connected to the Facebook page and do not have any authority over its content.