The public video below was made by an adult who also says that they themselves have Autism, and this person has recently become focused on explaining from their own unique perspective how it is unlikely or impossible for Candy Waters to have been the real artist behind the art being marketed on Facebook, PAOM, and Zazzle.

To be clear, no one is saying the child isn’t painting or playing with paint, but her skills depicted in videos and photos do not convey the motor skills or intellectual skills necessary to create the intricate and more complicated designs being branded as “done completely by Candy”.  Watch the video below, and then look at the art being sold – you are invited to draw your own conclusion.

Also, pay close attention at the 1:40 mark, where the video suddenly cuts from the child doing dots and blobs to some “mystery hands” in close-up, that are doing more precise and controlled painting strokes.  It is not likely that the mystery hands in the close-up section are Candy’s.  Then, the video cuts back out to a full shot of Candy, continuing with dots.


Below is a public comment from the Waters’ Zazzle website, made by “Sonata”, who claimed in the title that “authentication was completed long ago“, but doesn’t give any details about how, who, when, or where to validate that conclusion, except to say that it was done by “high-ranking people all over”.


At the Waters’ public Zazzle shop there are over 1000+ products with art branded as being 100% done by Candy.  Below are a few of the designs being promoted.



A public video created by a person who also has Autism

One thought on “A public video created by a person who also has Autism

  1. Sandy Waters has manage to have 2 of my You Tube videos taking down accusing me of bullying her daughter. I also got 2 strikes thanks to her lying. Therefore before Sandy Waters can do anymore damage I made the rest of my videos private including the one that is posted here. So you will no longer be able to see it.


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