Multiple Online Identities

The Waters, in an attempt to get attention and access to groups on Facebook, have used many fake profiles.  Here are a few:

  • John Brand
  • Saffron Burrows
  • Anna Martinez
  • Dr. Gatto
  • Sonata
  • Liiz
  • Robear
  • Fred Johnson
  • Karen Miller
  • Mary Mitchell
  • Gene Frank

At one point, several of the fake Facebook profiles had been reported and Sandy changed the made-up names to her “government issued ID” real life name, as requested by Facebook.  When the fake names were abruptly changed to her real name (Sandra/Sandy), it showed several conversations where she was talking to herself, complimenting herself, and shilling the Candy Waters art as a way to decoy people.

Public post from Facebook below:


And yet, Mrs. Waters attacks and harasses people and claimed in her blog that she “only uses her real name”, and how ridiculous it is that other people look like they are talking to themselves, and that they are psychotic frauds that need mental help.

In the screenshot below from a public Facebook group called Single Parents of Children with Autism, not only was Mrs. Waters NOT single at the time of the posting, but she had originally posted her comment as “Saffron Burrows” in order to prompt the fellow group members to ask about buying Candy Waters Autism Artist merchandise.

When her name had to be changed back to her real name, it was clear she was boosting her own post as a shill.  She does this technique in many hundreds of groups.


As an example of her many multiple fake profiles, here is a screenshot of the public, fake “Saffron.Burrows.92” profile with the name changed to her Government ID name, after being reported to Facebook.




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