Your comments will be deleted and you will be blocked

If a person asks a question on the Candy Waters Autism Artist page on Facebook, it will likely only remain if it pertains to there being art for sale and where it can be purchased online.  If it is a compliment, stating that the art is amazing, beautiful, and inspirational, it will also  remain.

However, if a question is asked, no matter how politely and respectfully, about Candy’s painting process, charities, or other topics that the Waters don’t want to address, they will quickly delete the comment and block the person who asked, usually within minutes.

Many times, other families with children on the Autism spectrum are looking for guidance, help, comradery, inspiration, new techniques to try with their children, and other information.  To find a successful page like the Waters’, which has over 100,000 alleged supporters, seems like it would be a good place to find kindred spirits when you don’t know where else to turn.

No.  Unfortunately, that is not how it works on the Candy Waters Autism Artist page. If your comment isn’t about wanting to buy their merchandise or giving glowing compliments, you and your words will immediately vanish.

Below are 2 screenshots from the public Facebook page.

The first one shows a comment from a mother with a child who has an Autism-related condition.  She is asking about making a purchase and wanting to know about the merchandise site Zazzle being non-profit, because she would like to support raising awareness for the condition.  Under that is a compliment made by a person who speaks Spanish.

The second screenshot shows that the question was not answered, but instead deleted. The compliment in Spanish underneath is also gone.










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