Saffron, John, and Sandy

Below are some quotes from Ms. Waters, who apparently believes that there is only one person with “thousands” of fake identities who she perceives as stalking and harassing her, along with “a few sick and twisted friends”.  (If this is true and the Waters feel that someone is actually harassing them, why haven’t they gone to the authorities already?  That is what you do when you have a legitimate cause for complaint).

From one of the Waters’ recent blog entries:

To:  Cyberbully/Stalker & a few of your Psychotic Friends

You are a despicable, sick person and a FRAUD!!  If you have legitimate complaints against us and are telling the truth than why are you hiding under many fake identities?

We know who you are because we have your emails that you sent to everyone that is affiliated with our daughter with your true identity on them.  If you are using fake identities than you are the one lying and hiding yourself.  Use your real names and stop being cowards.  We have nothing to hide and we use our real names.

You are a liar because we have videos of our daughter Candy painting the paintings that are on Zazzle.  Look at the video section on the Candy Waters Autism Artist facebook Like page.  There are many videos of Candy painting there.

However, you have an agenda of hate, harassment and to slander our daughter Candy Waters and our family no matter what we do due to your jealousy of Candy’s talent.  It’s sad that you have a hatred towards people with disabilities.

Stop eating your Big Mac’s in front of your computer and get some exercise.  The pounds show in your pictures.  Get a Life!!  We will be praying for you.

Screenshots below:



They then say “We have nothing to hide” and “we use our real names“, and then they (or she) goes on to body shame (bully) whoever she imagines is persecuting her with a comment about eating fast food and not exercising and that “the pounds show in your pictures”.


Below is yet another example of Sandy Waters joining a group with one of her fake names, then talking to another of her fake profiles (John Brand) in an attempt to look believable.  The Saffron name showed later as Sandy when she was forced to adjust her Facebook identities back to her government issued ID name.  When the reader hovers over the second “Sandy” profile, the URL address shows as the Saffron Burrows fake profile that she created.

“Saffron”/Sandy talking to “John”.


Hovering over Sandra Waters’ profile reveals the URL to the fake Saffron Burrows profile (bottom left, in gray).


The people who ask questions and who want to uncover the truth about this art scam and the Waters’ lies *DO NOT* have an “agenda of hate, harassment, and slander”, despite Ms. Waters’ bizarre delusions and perception of being bullied, attacked, or whatever else.  The people who ask questions have an agenda for the TRUTH and to defend the innocent against hatefulness and slander that the Waters are promoting.

How is it harassment to show the TRUTH that is publicly available and point out the hypocrisy?

How is it hateful to expose a scam where a child is being exploited?

How is it cyberbullying to ask questions and show true, provable facts?

This blog contains just a few examples.  There are thousands more.  The Waters keep repeating that they are “praying for the mentally ill stalker to get the help they need” and that they are telling the truth, while everyone else must be liars and frauds.

Save the sanctimonious statements please, Waters family, as YOU ARE BEARING FALSE WITNESS EVERY DAY with your scam and exploitation of your children.    It is quite clear that the people seeking the truth about the art scam are not the ones that need the mental help.  Then again, Ms. Waters has previously stated in her art page comments that “we don’t believe in doctors!!” so it is hard to know if anyone in her family is getting the clinical support that is obviously needed for the parents or the children.

More fake profile names that the Waters use on Facebook besides the ones mentioned above are:
 AMY COHEN - *there are/were more than one of this profile, which was used to "purchase" and positively review their own merchandise.

Other aliases that the Waters use to comment back to themselves or their products on the internet include:

Dr. Gatto
Tom Bat


Ms. Waters has several duplicates of her own name in profiles. There are at least 4 nearly identical “Sandy/Sandra Waters” on Facebook, which are used to gain access to various groups to self-promote.  There are little to no social activity or public posts on those pages.



2 thoughts on “Saffron, John, and Sandy

  1. Despite our differences this lawsuit needs to move forward because Sandy Waters is libeling Tina and I and telling lies spreading her poison all over the internet including ( ). We absolutely have a right to report this scam but she has no right to stalk, harass and threaten us. Tina is taking the brunt of her bovine feces and it needs to STOP because Sandy is MAD and will stop at nothing now in order to hide the scam she is running.. We have hard proof of this scam and if you need a witness to testify just ask. I’m willing to travel under the circumstances even if I have to fly.

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