Another public video published by a person who is Autistic

Here is a recent video, made by a person who is Autistic.  This person is also a professional artist themselves.


2 thoughts on “Another public video published by a person who is Autistic

  1. These videos are very emotionally charged. It is apparent that at least for the creator, who has publicly identified herself as being autistic, how this family is running their online business is both offensive and upsetting to the autistic community. Autism Speaks has also expressed that they do not endorse the work and will not be promoting it.
    These videos are educational, in that they point out things that might otherwise be overlooked in the daze of a story tugging at heartstrings, or as you pointed out previously, among communities of already vulnerable people.

    It is a twisted and corrupt way to run a business, especially in the name of s self-proclaimed “charitable cause”.

    At least they are finally showing her painting however it has reaffirmed that the previous works were not her creations as claimed. And it took months to produce videos, after they falsely impersonated a doctor and suggested videoing their teen painting would somehow be pedophilia. They also resorted to extreme measures of harassment, stalking, slandering and publishing private information of innocent bystanders to this very corrupt charade of puppeting an autistic girl for profit through deception. God bless that girl.


  2. The video “From This To That In A Little Over A Month” has been made public again. Please let me know when you can’t see my videos. They became overwhelming for me since I got so many.


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