5150, the Amazon profile formerly known as Enrique

Yet another profile created by the parent used to attack truthseekers and give false praise to their own products sold on Amazon is the profile, “5150”.  The name on this profile has changed multiple times.  Before being 5150, it was “Enrique”. But it is obviously Ms. Waters, as anyone can see from the content of the comments.

Screenshot below.  This is a comment that appeared in a review for the book the Waters were selling on Amazon.  The book has many negative comments.  The majority of the comments are negative, but it should be pointed out that NONE of the comments are attacking or bullying the child.  Rather, they are overwhelmingly concerned about the authenticity of the art and worried that this non-verbal, autistic child is being exploited by the parents.

Also, the quality and content of the book itself appears to be rather low quality and poorly assembled.  Most of the $45.00 book’s content seems to be more blatant self-promotion (i.e., “Look at all of the celebrities that we got autographs from, and please go to our websites and buy stuff”).  The images in the book are predominantly cellphone photos of art which is already available to see on the internet for free on their Facebook page.


Here is a link to the comments on Amazon.

Anyone can read the comments for themselves:  The product reviews of the Amazon book

*Please note that if you hover over the link to the Amazon page, the URL begins with ‘HTTPS‘, indicating that it is a secure internet link and cannot be a virus.


One thought on “5150, the Amazon profile formerly known as Enrique

  1. Here is a really sad thing. She is using this code in and of itself. 5150 is a psychiatric hold. And I do not it on anyone, including Sandy. Psychiatric holds are horrifying, emotionally draining, distressing, lonely and sometimes dangerous. I have been on a few myself. Out of all of the things she has been doing, calling herself 5150 is disturbing, and extremely provocative to garner more and more attention. And as a person who was on a psychiatric hold, I wish Sandy would understand that using these numbers can be offensive, because hospitals are not a fun place to be.


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