There’s no “hate campaign”

No, let US be super clear. No one is bullying that teen.  We all feel compassion for her.  And yes, it IS about the videos and art.

The only focus of all of the questions so far has centered on finding the truth about WHO is painting the art. Where are the videos showing her making the representational art sold on 1000+ items online, and why are the parents spamming literally thousands of illness support groups daily on Facebook, pretending to have cancer, brain injuries, bone cancer, kidney disease, neurological disorders, lupus, Lyme disease, blood clotting diseases?  You name it, they spam it.

No one asking these questions hates that young lady.  No one is attacking her.  She is innocent in all of this. There is no "smear campaign".  No one is bullying that teen.  NO ONE concerned is contacting that family through phone, email, snail mail, or anything else.

What there is, however, is a mother with a weird persecution complex who is stalking, lying, calling, distorting, sabotaging, paying to obtain unlisted home address and phone numbers, and threatening people with "legal action" who aren't convinced of who is creating the designs for the art.  If you ask a question the parents don't like that might shed light on the scam, or is anything other than praise, you're automatically labeled a bully. (E.g., "Stop harassing our disabled daughter, trolls!")  The Waters have even lied and claimed that people are calling Candy "retarded" to garner pity and support, although so far, no one has used the R-word, and no screenshots have ever proven that claim, when the Waters were challenged to back up such a claim.  (You know, you can't just make things up out of thin air.  Oh wait, they ARE doing just that, and they have been for a decade with the fraudulent art business.)

The concerns are for the welfare of the child and also to bring awareness to the public on what is obviously a decade-old scam business.

Additionally, it should be noted that the 2 people named in the screenshot below, Ms. Pohlman and Ms. Carey, both have disabilities.  At least one of them also has serious and debilitating chronic health issues.  And yet, Ms. Waters actually called Ms. Carey (who has Autism herself) "100% moron", followed by "LOL" in a comment to Ms. Carey online. The Waters sign off every post with "faith, hope, and love"…but they aren't above fat-shaming, name-calling, and making fun of people with disabilities themselves.

The Waters were invited to appear on the Dr. Phil show to clear the air and defend their position and their child's art.  2 days before the taping, the Waters' attorney backed out, followed immediately by the Waters backing out.  The Dr. Phil show would still like to have them as guests.

Still, NO ONE HAS WITNESSED, in TEN YEARS, that this girl has painted the bird/rainbow/sun art they are marketing.  Not even once.  Many excuses over the years have followed, but never any actual objective 3rd party witnesses or video.  (*Please note: Candy has been filmed painting, but she only paints smears, dots, and blobs that are clearly not from the same hands that paint the birds, "feather strokes",  and suns.)  Now there's even Facebook live.  But we doubt the Waters will utilize that handy feature to lay all concerns to rest.



2 thoughts on “There’s no “hate campaign”

  1. One question I do have, is how much time are they seriously devoting to this elaborate lie? It seems as though they are online 24/7 policing any speculative or inquisitive comments, obsessively “liking”/”loving” posts/reposts/comments about the work (including their own posts and comments), and the latest is they are completely dismantling their book’s Amazon page as a forum to publicly blast the two above mentioned women as well as falsely dismiss all critical reviews as “a hate campaign”.
    Now, these two people are parents to two children, one of which has severe developmental challenges, and the other has been labeled as being on the autism spectrum himself (as listed in the Unspoken Gift book). They DO NOT have a PR firm or any sort of designated individual to manage their marketing efforts, as Sandra, who allegedly has a degree in communications, often requests that she be the one to manage any/all communications regarding the art whenever they collaborate with other institutions (perhaps as a means of controlling any negative or critical commentary more closely than what would otherwise be a normal 9-5 schedule of monitoring).

    In all the time they dedicate to facilitating their con scheme, at what point are they actually parenting? Just following the developments on this issue over the past few months especially is incredibly draining. How do they have time to so heavily invest themselves in a pretend world that is quite obviously crumbling around them? And at what cost does their scam come to their children? Are these people really serving as adequate role models, instilling morals and ethics? Evan, in his published artwork, already applies great value on money, such as in his mother’s day and father’s day cards. It’s obvious that money is seen as great importance whereas other children might put greater weight on more personal symbols.
    What will he think of his parents when he is older and realizes what they did to his sister? They are using her as a puppet to fulfill their own desires. We don’t know the real Candy because their presentation of her is completely fabricated in order to fulfill sales quotas.

    This is such a tragic situation, particularly for the children. When will the parents own up to exactly what they are doing and face reality? Or have they completely lost sight of all reality by living in this fabricated world for 2/3 of Candy’s lifetime…


    • “Allegedly has a degree in communications “…haha, good one. 😀

      I think we all know the mother doesn’t have an actual academic degree in communications any more than the likelihood of her being a “doctor with a PhD in art” or a Playboy model, as she has fabricated and claimed online in the past. Or if the mother has a “degree”, it could have been purchased from an Illegitimate online diploma mill or just printed from a home ink jet printer.

      The parents’ lack of understanding of basic copyright law, (as well as their failure to communicate online with even a 4th grade level of English grammar, punctuation, and syntax) does not suggest any advanced degrees or higher education. In other words: MORE LIES.


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