“Thinking about painting” vs. Suicidal

In the screenshot below from 2014, this photo was posted with a caption saying that she was "thinking about her next painting". Then, when negative reviews exposing the scam about their published art book on Amazon started coming up, this SAME PHOTO was posted with the caption describing her as being sad, due negative reviews and comments, and alluding to possibly even being suicidal.

The mother was making posts about their perceived "cyber bullies" and her thoughts about a "smear campaign" and "agenda of hate" by anyone who questions the authenticity of the art. At this point, many of the descriptions of the girl's art changed from being solely created by her, "down to every stroke of paint and piece of glitter" before, to suddenly being "collaborations" or the parents being the child's "humble helpers". Following that, many of the descriptions were changed to say that the girl only painted "on" the paintings (What does that mean? One stroke? A dot? What percentage of their Zazzle art is the child's at all in any capacity?)

Anyone can go to the comments in the parents' Facebook page and view the editing history to see the evolution of these ridiculous claims in the past couple of years.

Below is the public screenshot of the child back when it was used to portray her as being contemplative in 2014.

Now look at the screenshot below, shortly after negative reviews questioning the art and motives of the parents were posted overwhelmingly about the Amazon book, published in the winter of 2016

At the time of the posting of the "sad" photo of the girl, the photo was already at least 2-3 years old and could not possibly have been related to anything about the book on Amazon, which was released in the winter of 2016.

Again, lies from the family and an attempt to garner sympathy in any way they can.

Also, it should be noted that although the parents dislike their photos being shared online that are associated with critiques of their business (*allowable under the laws of Fair Use in copyright), they themselves have posted all of their photos with the captions "please share" and "tell your friends".

Please note that the authors of this blog are not connected with any other blogs on this topic and do not have any administrative powers over any Facebook content or Facebook groups associated with this topic.

The content and critiques in this blog are legal under the copyright laws pertaining to fair use and any screenshots or photos used are public content.


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