Why are you talking to yourself on Facebook?

The Waters parents created and run a "retaliatory" page on Facebook, where they claim they are the victims of cyber bullying. The page is called Cyberbullying the Disabled Wall of Shame. On this page, they have illegally doxxed and attempted to harass and intimidate people, even people who are disabled or chronically ill themselves, who they (mistakenly) perceive are "attacking their family" or "harassing their daughter".

They continue to make unwanted and unwelcome contact with 2 people in particular, Ms. Tina Pohlman and Ms. Alice Carey by tagging them in photos and posts that depict them as mocking or disparaging the child. The Waters not only slander Pohlman's and Carey's names and affiliations with their charitable organizations, but also go to those women's business pages on Facebook to spam and privately message each one of the business supporters, in an effort to sabotage the reputation and ruin the businesses. This is unethical and also illegal. People have told the Waters to stop contacting them, but they refuse to comply.

As is their usual practice, the Waters comment to themselves and "like", "love", or "LoL" their own comments in an effort to convince people that the comments are coming from separate entities.


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